Meg O'Mara

EMILY – 27
on nutrition
Meg totally reframed my relationship with food. I had no balance. I was always either gorging myself on a glutinous meal or fasting and eating nothing but salads and drinking water. There was no in between. Meg taught me how to truly recognize what foods were best for me (and not just those that LOOKED healthy) and how to enjoy foods that were good for me. Just because it’s a healthy balance doesn’t mean it has to taste bad. Meg encouraged me every week to continue towards my goal and I saw real results - I lost 10 pounds! She is such a good coach. She’s firm but encouraging and such a great cheerleader!
abby – 29
on wellness coaching
I began working with Meg I wouldn’t have considered myself a very healthy eater. I pretty much ate what I wanted when I wanted. I enjoyed a work out every now and then but never really found a routine that I liked best. I was excited to take the next step and become more serious about my nutrition and fitness. Meg made that transition very easy and started nice and slow by setting some goals for myself. From there we moved into education on how food affects our body and what our bodies need to function. I found a workout routine that I enjoyed very much and actually saw results from! I had weekly calls with Meg to check in on my goals and set prescriptions for my progress tailored to each week. Meg guided me along the way and answered all of my questions. I could not have done this without her and highly recommend Meg to any and all!
KATHY – 62
on private pilates
Meg is wonderful to work with, we are focused, and I feel energized after our session, such a great mind and body connection that breaks up the day! Discovering good results!